Istanbul University Faculty Of Letters Hosts Snela 2022 Symposium

The third international meeting of the Society for Near Eastern Landscape Archaeology (SNELA) will be held between March 2nd – 4th, 2022, under the auspices of the Faculty of Letters of Istanbul University. 

The theme for SNELA 2022 is "The Archaeology and Anthropology of Resource Use in the Near East." The meeting aims to bring a theoretical perspective for the resource use in a rich and broad geography. 

The main themes of the 2022 meetings are: 

• Social approaches to the archaeology and anthropology of resource use, 

• Types of resource use and long-distance trade, 

• Ancient techniques and transfer of technology, 

• Evaluating political economy and social complexity through resource use, 

• The impacts of resource use on the paleo-environment. 


Precious/semi-precious stones, minerals, salt, bitumen, trees, and other plants, water, and other natural resources that have been deemed a vital part of human life for millennia will be discussed from an interdisciplinary perspective regarding their social, political, and economic aspects. 

SNELA 2022 has invited speakers who are leading scholars in their fields. Kristian Kristiansen, Aren Maeier, and Jan Gerrit Dercksen will bring a comprehensive perspective that extends from textual evidence to theoretical frameworks, enrich the meeting with round-table discussions. 

Gonca Dardeniz (Istanbul University Faculty of Letters Department of Archaeology, Protohistory, and Near Eastern Archaeology) is the Chair of the Organizing Committee of SNELA 2022. Timothy Harrison (University of Toronto) and Bülent Arıkan (Istanbul Technical University) are members of the Organizing Committee. The Scientific Committee of this international Symposium consists of leading scholars in their fields from five countries. 

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