Istanbul University Erasmus Program is directed by International Academic Relations Committee. Istanbul University participated in Erasmus Program in the academic year of 2003/04 with a pilot project and has been carrying out academic staff and student exchange at undergraduate and graduate level since 2004/05 Academic Year.

As a part of academic staff and student exchange program, Faculty of Letters, aims to create an environment where researchers and educators with a wide spectrum of knowledge and a broad vision may prosper, and our graduate and postgraduate programs encompass the basic sciences, social sciences and the arts, follow and question contemporary developments and are oriented toward the development of research skills.


Our faculty has 21 departments and 74 division. 20 periodicals affiliated with various departments are published, and 8 Centres of Research carry out their work in various fields of specialization. The duration of studies is 8 semesters.

The most important factors that attract students looking to study in the fields of literature, languages, history, philosophy, geography and archaeology are the educational environment, the richness of content and the competence of the teaching staff. Research based and practical educations are priorities of our faculty.Our Faculty is based at its building on the Beyazıt Campus and also incorporates a rich faculty library containing Turkish and Western sources, Libraries for Specialized Study, and the invaluable libraries of the Centre for Oriental Studies and Research and the Centre for Islamic Research. Erasmus Office placed on the second floor of Faculty of Letters aims to conduct Teaching Staff and Student Exchange Programs. You can visit our Erasmus office for your applications and questions every day of the week except official holidays.

In a large metropolitan area like Istanbul, finding economic and suitable accommodation is one of the biggest problems. Our University is working meticulously to find a solution to this problem by opening new halls of residence. A limited number of students are given accommodation at the halls of residence on the Avcılar campus.If you prefer to be placed in one of these halls, please fill in the dormitory application form at :

In addition to University Halls of Residence, private dormitories, boarding houses and flats for rent are further alternatives for the solution of the accommodation problem. If you are thinking of renting a flat, you may find a more economic solution by getting together with friends Erasmus students at and receive information regarding all relevant issues.

Moreover, for the academic staff Istanbul University provide accommodation at Baltalimanı Guest House in Istanbul University Social Facility. Telephone number to contact is +90212 440 03 50. 

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Istanbul University presents eating facilities to its students in genuinely economic conditions. 4 separate dishes are prepared in a hygienic environment monitored by dieticians for lunch, and are served after having been tested in 5 separate kitchens. Approximately 15 thousand people are served lunch daily at 17 dining halls in total at all campuses. Service in cafeterias at all our faculties and schools complies with service and hygiene standards.

Istanbul University provide health services to students in exchange programs. In the event of any health problem, you can make use of medico placed in Beyazıt campus and you will be conducted to faculty hospitals, Cerrahpasa and Capa. Also, you can use private hospitals in return of a fee.

The residential layout of Istanbul has a dispersed plan and the transport network is composed of different systems (subways, tramway, buses, metrobus, funicular etc.). Both the student pass and the ‘intelligent ticket’ Akbil are valid in all transport systems. You can apply to Erasmus Office in Rectorate Building for the application form.  For more detailed information regarding transport systems and to find out about departure and arrival times, please visit

In addition to the academic experience of being in a new country, we believe the knowledge you will gain about the language and culture of the country you are visiting is also of significant value. Therefore, we organize Turkish Language and Culture courses at the Istanbul University Language Centre for Erasmus students. The courses take place in three terms, winter, spring and summer, in classes of 15 to 20 using contemporary teaching methods in a warm and friendly family atmospere. In addition to the course and workbooks prepared with the great experience of the teaching staff of our centre to facilitate the learning of Turkish, we also use listening CDs. Lessons are supported with audio-visual materials. Our centre also organizes periodical seminars in fields such as Turkish Architecture, Traditional Turkish Handicrafts, Turkish Music, Turkish Literature, Turkish Folklore, Turkish Theatre with guest academicians and artists. 

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