The Closing Meeting of ‘’The Project of Readjusting to Life’’ Ended

A multiplier meeting was held on Friday, December 2, 2022, at the Board Room of the Faculty of Letters, with the participation of experts and institutions in the field, to share the results of the project, which was under the coordination of Assoc. Prof. Tülay Kaya, lecturer from our Faculty’s Division of Institutional Sociology of the Department of Sociology, titled “Readjusting to life: The Development of an Innovative Online Guide for the Social Inclusion of People with Acquired Disabilities”. 

The multiplier meeting of the project, which was entitled to be supported by the Turkish National Agency within the scope of the EU Erasmus+ KA204 Strategic Partnership Program for Adult Education in 2020, started with the opening speech of Vice Dean Prof. Sevtap Kadıoğlu, and continued with Assoc. Prof. Tülay Kaya's presentation of the online guide, which is the main intellectual output of the project. 

With the online guide, developed on the basis of local needs and possibilities in partnership with Civic Computing (Scotland), Fams Cocemfe Sevilla (Spain), IASIS (Greece), SEADDER (Türkiye) and Süleymanpaşa Barrier-Free Living Association (Türkiye) under the coordination of Istanbul University, it was aimed to increase social inclusion of persons with acquired physical, organic, or sensory disabilities and their families by contributing to their independent access to the information they may need with the help of digital technologies Information on services offered by different institutions for persons with disabilities in Türkiye (İstanbul, Tekirdağ, Ankara), Scotland (Edinburgh), Spain (Seville) and Greece (Athens) is presented in an accessible format with the online guide, and allowing persons with disabilities and their families to easily access available services is aimed. 

In the event that continued throughout the day, the representatives of the project’s partner institutions and researchers evaluate the impact of the project on their own institutions and their countries, as well as speakers that attended to represent related themes of the guide on the behalf of İŞKUR (Türkiye Employment Agency), Ministry of Education Section of Lifelong Learning, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Section of Disabled People, İstanbul Provincial Health Directorate, İstanbul Family and Social Services Provincial Directorate, Kadıköy Municipality Social Support Services Directorate and ENUYGAR (Application and Research Center for Disabled People) also made valuable contributions to the promotion of the online guide with their presentations, which is the main product of the project.