International Seminar

26 – 27 May 2015

The annual seminar of Istanbul University's Centre for History Studies in 2015 is devoted to the re-visiting of Gallipoli-1915 in its 100th anniversary. The seminar aims to bring together distinguished scholars studying the WWI with special emphasis on the Dardanelles- Gallipoli Campaign. Participants are kindly asked to present papers which  revise  and  re- visit the conventional historiography of Gallipoli-1915 from a comparative and international perspective. The sessions will be held in Turkish and English with simultaneous bi-lingual translation.

The schedule and themes of discussion are given below.


 Seminar Calendar:

Deadline for the submission of the abstracts: March 1, 2015

Announcement of evaluation: March 31, 2015

Announcement of the final calendar of the activity: April 6, 2015

The Center will meet the costs of accommodation of foreign participants if demanded.

There will be one day visit to the site of the war on 28 May 2015 organized and financed by the Centre.




 Titles of Sessions and Themes of Discussion  


 Comparative Analysis of National Strategies and Military Power

  • Allied and conflicting policy priorities

  • Strategic importance of the Dardanelles-Gallipoli Campaign

  • Pre-war military intelligence on strategic and tactical levels

  • Operation plans Composition of colonial and national military forces

  • Strategic and political consequences of the war

 Combat on Land and Sea

  • Successes and failures in the army and navy command

  • Tactical maneuvers

  • Weapons, equipment, logistics

  • Naval attack and coast defense

  • Amphibious landing and trench warfare

War as a Human Experience

  • Human relations between the conflicting sides in the trenches

  • Comparative analysis of individual war experiences as reflected in ego documents

Official War Histories and National Memories

  • The post-war construction of official histories

  • Çanakkale and Gallipoli in the contemporary popular  national  narratives  of  the belligerent countries in 1915

  • The effects of the war on the construction of modern national and gender identities


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