M.A. Programme

  Welcome to the Department of English Language and Literature. We hope you have an enjoyable and fruitful academic year and take pleasure and inspiration out of the literary works that will be discussed during your stay with us. The language of teaching at the Department of English Language and Literature is English. All students (except those repeating a course) are expected to fully attend the courses. Attendance will be taken in each session. Course requirements and texts to be read will be announced in class for each particular course. All students are expected to come to class having read the text(s) and watched the film(s) assigned in class. Cheating and plagiarism are definitely not tolerated in this department. Students are expected to behave in strict compliance with the ethical principles of academic life and with the necessary self-discipline in class and during exams. Violation of these principles will result in the strongest punishment inflictable. Click to visit the Institute of Social Sciences website for admission procedure and requirements. Click for the MA programme content and course descriptions. Click for the Fall 2017 MA Course Schedule The detailed and up-to-date syllabus for each course shall be obtained on the online registration system AKSİS (Academic Registration System) or on EBS (IU Education System) by clicking on the words AKSİS and EBS. Please contact the instructors for more information regarding the courses.